AnimalhealthEurope welcomes final adoption of new EU rules for animal medicines

Calls for pragmatic implementation to support innovation

AnimalhealthEurope welcomes the EU Council’s formal adoption today of the new EU rules for animal medicines and encourages a timely and science-based implementation of the new regulations on veterinary medicines and medicated feed to strengthen the EU’s position as a leader in animal health innovation.

“A pragmatic implementation of the new EU legislation for the animal health sector can provide the incentives to develop innovative and much-needed medicines that safeguard not only animal but also human health, while respecting our shared environment. We now look to the institutions to support the scientific advice of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as they determine which veterinary medicines should be available and what conditions should be placed on their use,” commented Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope.

“As is currently the case, the routine use of antibiotics to compensate poor hygiene, inadequate husbandry, care or management is not allowed, and the ban on using antibiotics for growth promotion which came into force in 2006 is upheld. We support these measures and welcome additional rules to further improve responsible use of antibiotics in animal health,” continued Ms. Feller. 

In a concluding comment, Ms. Feller added, “We would strongly encourage investment support at national and European level into innovative research to develop new generations of solutions to diagnose, prevent and treat animal diseases. Innovation, hand-in-hand with a more responsible use of current products, can collectively aim to extend the both usefulness and the benefits of our solutions for future generations.”

The Council and the European Parliament will now sign the adopted regulations and these texts will be published in the EU Official Journal, with an entry into force 20 days later. The new rules will only be fully operational as of end of 2021.

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