Our call for a One Health transition to sustainable food in Europe

10 ways the EU can support the transition proposed in the Farm to Fork strategy

The animal health industry in Europe is supporting the transition towards more sustainable food production through the development of innovative tools that protect both animal and human health, while respecting our environment.

Farmers have a responsibility to focus on sustainable management practices and to promote biodiversity as proposed in the EU Farm to Fork strategy. And it’s on the animal healthcare sector to provide the vaccines, digital tools and medicines that protect animal wellbeing and support farmers in their drive for sustainable practices. We want to help all farmers focus on raising animals in a more environmentally sustainable way – without having to worry about the health of their livestock. By helping animals stay healthy, our members not only help ensure the well-being of farm animals, they also help to avoid food waste at source, and reduce resource inputs like feed and water, contributing to the livelihood of farmers across the EU, while minimising their environmental footprint.

The EU can further support farmers and our entire food production system in the transition to more sustainable food, following these ten recommendations for a One Health-centred approach.