How today’s animal health care is benefiting people, animals and our planet

The animal health sector is currently at the forefront of a technological and digital transformation with breakthroughs in biotechnology, detection tools and robotics, genomic testing, and advanced vaccines, amongst others, now set to become essential tools for the sustainable future of both livestock farming and the veterinary profession. This is our MorethanMedicine approach to ensuring more holistic animal health management on farms.

We believe that access to such cutting-edge advances, accompanied by the knowledge and skills to use them, will lead to an innovative, dynamic and modern profession that will attract new talent to Europe’s rural areas. In order to demonstrate the varied benefits of using modern animal health products and technologies we commissioned Oxford Analytica to detail research-based findings that demonstrate the impact and value of animal health solutions in areas of innovation, one health, and sustainability. The following proof points are drawn from an extensive literature review, expert input, and the input of AnimalhealthEurope member companies. And they all demonstrate clearly why #AnimalHealthMatters.

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