Year-on-year success of Responsible Use campaigning demonstrated in 8th ESVAC report

AnimalhealthEurope is pleased to see efforts to promote the Responsible Use of antibiotics amongst farmers and vets having an impact in the 8th ESVAC* report from the European Medicines Agency.

“All of AnimalhealthEurope’s member companies and national associations are supporting the ESVAC programme with data provision in a spirit of transparency and antibiotic stewardship. Meaningful data collection, not just on sales, but coupled with monitoring of resistance in foodborne and veterinary pathogens through national programmes or through CEESA, the unique pan-European resistance-monitoring programme, helps to feed better policy-making based on the latest knowledge available,” said AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General Roxane Feller.

The latest ESVAC report notes that overall sales of veterinary antibiotics across Europe continue with a downward trend as seen over the last few years. In particular, the report notes a steady decline in the use of antibiotics that are classified as being of critical importance to human health. This is a clear indicator of the strength of combined actions by the animal health sector, EU Member States and the institutions to reduce the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

“Our continuous awareness-raising actions, including on improving prevention of animal disease on farms, is clearly showing greater uptake in many countries across Europe of responsible use principles when it comes to animal health. We must recall however that although antibiotic use is decreasing in many countries, the overall goal of our actions is to preserve the effectiveness of these precious tools for future generations. Protecting our health and that of our animals, also means acknowledging that antibiotics will remain essential to the veterinary toolbox in the future,” concluded Ms. Feller.

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