Stakeholders united in call for Commission Proposal on Breeding and Keeping of Cats and Dogs to be published without further delay

With European households being home to more than 140 million cats and dogs, many stakeholders welcomed the European Commission’s announcement back in 2019 to design the first ever species-specific rules for cats and dogs involved in commercial activities. However, the current delay in the publication of the legislative proposals on Animal Welfare, with the exception of the soon-expected proposal on transportation of animals, is a cause of concern for the welfare of the many cats and dogs that are often traded online and across borders without proper respect for their health and wellbeing.

AnimalhealthEurope, FEDIAF, FVE, FECAVA and Four Paws Europe are therefore united in their call addressed to Commission President Von der Leyen to publish the Proposal on Breeding and Keeping of Cats and Dogs without further delay.

Download the letter here


  • AnimalhealthEurope – European Veterinary Medicines Association
  • FCI – International Pedigree Dogs Association
  • FECAVA – European Federation of Companion Animal Veterinarians
  • FEDIAF – European Pet Food Association
  • FOUR PAWS – Animal Welfare NGO
  • FVE – European Federation of Veterinarians