Celebrating healthy animals!

With the new EU regulations for veterinary medicines and medicated feed heading for final sign-off this autumn AnimalhealthEurope hosted an evening celebration to remind decision-makers and stakeholders of the importance of animal health and to call for the health and welfare of Europe’s animals to remain a central focus of the next steps as the Commission commences work on a number of important implementing measures.

Arunas Vinciunas, Head of Cabinet for Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, opened the evening with a rousing speech on the enormous amount of work that had taken place over the past four years to ensure that the new EU rules would deliver on boosting innovation for a greater availability of animal health solutions but also deliver on addressing the global one health challenge of antibiotic resistance. Talking to the theme of the event Vinciunas said, “When we look at the important role animals play in our society today, we can all agree that animal health matters. Once the legislation is adopted later this year, the Commission will do its utmost with the implementing legislation.” 

The event was also an opportunity for AnimalhealthEurope to share its #AnimalHealthMatters gallery. This awareness-raising project sees a wide range of interested parties sharing their views as to why animal health matters to them. Participants range from the Director General of the World Animal Health Organisation Monique Eloit and Commissioner Andriukaitis, to research scientists like Dr. Linda Dixon from The Pirbright Institute who is currently researching a vaccine to fight against African swine fever, to farmers rearing their animals to produce safe and sustainable food, on to the vets who look after our animals, through to the people who rely on assistance animals for both companionship and support.

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