AnimalhealthEurope welcomes European Parliament support for EU food system transformation based on innovative solutions

The EU Farm to Fork strategy is full of ambition, and AnimalhealthEurope welcomes the support of the European Parliament for a transition to a more sustainable EU food system. We know that changes must be made, and the animal health industry is ready to play a role in supporting farmers with innovative tools and best practices for more holistic animal health management. 

Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope commented:
“Europe’s strength comes from its diversity, and our food supply is strong thanks to the many diverse farms that exist in Europe. Animal health matters in all of these different systems. We believe that support for all farmers working to ensure our safe supply of high-quality food will be needed to ensure an equal and sustainable transition with no-one left behind. 

To know where investment and support is needed requires a holistic scientific assessment of what we are aiming for. The targets first announced were political and aspirational. To make these actionable, we now need to know how the addition of various measures will impact European food production, and where and what solutions are needed to ensure a fair and balanced transition.”

We cannot take our health, our food supply, nor our financial stability for granted. That is why we believe transformations should be based on innovative and enabling technologies that support biodiversity and environmental protection, as well as farm viability. That is why all measures must be assessed as a whole, to ensure that changes can be made without repercussions on Europe’s food safety, food security and food sovereignty. Every transformation requires investment, and farmers and vets should be supported with access to all tools available to safeguard animal welfare, respond rapidly to disease outbreaks and ensure a more sustainable use of resources.

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