Animal vaccination should become an EU priority post-pandemic

With the new EU Regulation on Transmissible Animal Diseases, due to become applicable across EU Member States on 21 April – the day after World Animal Vaccination Day – the animal health industry strongly supports the boost given to the importance of vaccination for prevention and control of animal diseases. 

Also known as the Animal Health Law, this Regulation was adopted back in March 2016 and foresaw the development of a large number of delegated and implementing acts, largely adopted and ready for implementation. The Commission is currently preparing an additional delegated regulation on the use of veterinary medicines for disease control, with a special emphasis on vaccines. In complement to new rules on veterinary medicines (2019/4) there will also be further delegated and implementing regulations on the management of vaccine banks and their use.

Commenting on the upcoming implementation Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope said:

“Vaccines for animals help prevent diseases, improving animal well-being and optimising the responsible use of therapeutic treatments such as antibiotics. They also halt or slow transmission of transboundary emerging diseases to protect both public health and our farming communities. Working together with the authorities to ensure better preparedness for identifying and controlling diseases in the future is a priority for the animal health industry.” 

A recent survey commissioned by AnimalhealthEurope across eight European countries also showed growing awareness of the importance of animal vaccination with 69% agreeing that farm animals should be vaccinated regularly. The EU can further support vaccination uptake by incentivising the development of tools and infrastructure that support early detection, animal identification and prevent disease spread, including through regulatory flexibility in case of outbreaks. Promoting and supporting public acceptance of preventive measures on farms such as biosecurity and vaccination will also encourage uptake of the technologies and preventive tools for veterinarians and farmers that help improve animal health and welfare and sustainable farming practices.


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