The Need For Animal Disease Prevention

Disease prevention is a routine part of our lives, and the importance of preventive measures have never been so evident than during today’s challenges. Working together to ensure better preparedness for identifying and controlling diseases in the future is a priority for the animal health industry.

Animals – mostly wildlife, but also farm or companion animals – can carry some pathogens that can cause disease in other animals but also in people, leading to serious public health challenges. Where such diseases affect other animals, or where the pathogens carried by animals cause disease in people, veterinary vaccines can help break the cycle of transmission between animals and/or to people.

Animal vaccination is important for animal welfare. And AnimalhealthEurope members are committed to playing our role as an innovative industry through the development of effective vaccines and a reliable animal identification system. We also support better implementation of preventative measures. Industry and authorities have already been successfully working together to address certain threats. Further collaboration will be required to be able to rapidly respond to and halt or slow transmission of transboundary emerging diseases to protect public health and our farming communities.

The EU can support efforts for greater vaccination of Europe’s farm animal population to ensure better prevention and preparedness in two key areas:

  1. Incentivising the research and development of vaccines against emerging diseases
  2. Improving vaccine acceptability and uptake on farms

Read our recommendations in the policy paper linked below.