Healthy pets for happy families

and an enduring human-animal bond…

There are more than 91 million pet-owning homes in Europe.

Keeping our pets healthy by offering the appropriate healthcare, nutrition and attention can bring many benefits, not just for our pets, but for our families.

Pets are increasingly seen as part of the family in Europe and numbers of pets increase year on year. Each pet will have their own needs but in general they’ll need food, water, toys to keep them active, and a safe place to sleep, as well as regular veterinary checks.

Striving to be a responsible pet owner is as natural as trying to be the best parent or partner that you can be. That means taking good care of pets in all aspects of their lives. So it’s on the animal health industry to provide the tools for vets to advise pet owners on the best possible ways to ensure care. 

Thanks to improved understanding and awareness of pet health needs, the animal health industry has developed advanced options for offering the care and attention pets need throughout their life. And nowadays, pets are living significantly longer, healthier lives compared to just a decade or two ago.

The many benefits of pets

Reasons behind the growing number of people with pets are various. Aside from companionship there is growing scientific backing for the range of therapeutic, physiological, psychological, and social benefits for people with pets.

These include:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased physical activity
  • Increased sensory stimulation and emotional support
  • A stronger sense of physical and psychological well-being

Quick Facts

91 million homes in Europe include at least one pet

In Europe there are around 127 million cats, 104 million dogs, 53 million birds, 29 million small mammals, 22 million aquaria and 11 million terraria

recent survey found that 97% of doctors say there are health benefits to owning a pet.


12 October 2020

Why the pandemic should give pause for thought over sustainable pet ownership

By Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers in European Scientist