Animal health and animal welfare: different role, same goal

As the EU reviews Animal Welfare legislation, our annual conference discussed the different role that different parties play with the aim of achieving the same goal of high levels of animal welfare in Europe. Our event will mainly focus on farm animal welfare and the central role that animal health products and veterinarians play therein, alongside that of legislators, NGOs and farmers.

With a high level overview of the current state of play of the revision of legislation our speakers discussed the balancing act of strict biosecurity and disease control measures versus wider welfare needs as well as the potential hurdles to making further improvements for animal welfare on farms.

When: 1 June, 8:30 – 13:00, followed by lunch
Where: Hilton Brussels Grand Place Hotel
Please see here the full event booklet with speakers’ biographies and their thoughts on the topics being discussed.


Opening remarks: Roxane Feller, AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General

Keynote: “Through A Veterinarian’s Eyes: Securing a good life for Europe’s animals”
Sean Wensley, Senior Veterinarian and author of “Through a Vet’s Eyes

“The revision of the EU legislation on animal welfare: improving and modernising EU standards in light of sustainability”
Andrea Gavinelli, DG SANTE, European Commission

Panel discussion – Animal health for animal welfare: prop or prerequisite?
Andrea Gavinelli, DG SANTE, European Commission
Mette Uldahl, Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) Vice-President
Jo Swabe, Humane Society International – Europe
Thomas Duffy, European council of young farmers (CEJA) Vice-President

Panel discussion – What hurdles to better welfare?
Birthe Steenberg, AVEC Secretary General
Claire Fowler, AnimalhealthEurope Vice-President
Antonio Velarde, Catalan Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), Head of the Animal Welfare Programme
Joe Moran, FOUR PAWS, Director – European Policy Office

Closing remarks – AnimalhealthEurope President